Sponsors & Partners

The Visalia Fox Theatre gratefully acknowledges the generosity of wonderful community partners and sponsors for their support of the Fox and its programs.


Thank you to our VIP Fox Club Members:

  • Frank Avila
  • Ron & Rita Barker, Dennis & Jane Bettencourt, Diane Borges, Kristina Borges, David Boyett, Howard Broadman
  • Jeffrey Calhoun, Russell Carrell, Judy Crouch, John C. Cowherd & Christina J. Thorin
  • Charles & Debra Dichiera, Pamela Drake
  • David G. Edwards – Attorney at Law
  • Denise Fletcher
  • Dan Gerawan
  • Vikki Halstead-Gatke – Mary Kay Director, Alicia Holland
  • Carol Iskenderian
  • Carol Jacobs, Donald Johnson
  • Dr. Chadi Kahwaji
  • Debra Lockwood
  • Brock & Cheri Robertson, David Russell
  • Nancy Serna, Gerald Sevier, Doug Silveria, Michael Stephens, Pamela & John Swanson
  • Albert Vera
  • Barbara Wagner

You can support the arts in our community and advance the mission of the Visalia Fox Theatre by becoming a sponsor, too. There are many opportunities available.

Additional sponsorship benefits may include:

  • Recognition in television and radio advertisements.
  • Video advertisements on the big screen during event pre-show.
  • On-stage announcements and recognition.
  • Program and playbill features.
  • Logo placement on printed marketing materials.
  • Recognition on social media, through email campaigns, and on the Visalia Fox Theatre official website.
  • Main Street marquee recognition.
  • Complimentary tickets to events.
  • For additional sponsorship opportunities and information, please contact Marina at mrojas@foxvisalia.org or by calling 559.625.1369 x202. The Fox is always open to ideas and we would love to partner with you!